Phenomania is engaged in disrupting your perception of the world as you know it.

We do this by creating contemporary theatrical work at the intersection of curiosity and fear. Phenomania delights in making you question what you know to be true. We are the crystal that fractures the white light you perceive into the myriad of colour that it is.

We embody a spirit of collaboration, inviting artists to manifest theatrical works that question, tickle, vex, and captivate the imagination. We encourage artists and audiences to embrace the discomfort and despair intertwined in human existence as the alchemy for theatrical joy that can be a healing balm for living.


Heather Cant - HS1.jpeg

Heather Cant - Artistic Producer

Heather is an accomplished theatre practitioner who works as a director, actor, creator, and producer. Primarily based in BC, her work has taken her throughout Canada, having worked for such companies as Western Canada Theatre, Citadel Theatre, Gateway Theatre, Thousand Islands Playhouse, Persephone Theatre, Pi Theatre, Axis Theatre, Presentation House, Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan, Upintheair Theatre, Project X Theatre, Urban Ink, and SkirtsAfire,

Heather strives to create artistic experiences that invite people to see the world around them, and themselves, in a new light. She is driven to create experiences that leave an indelible mark, altering how people engage with their world thereafter.